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Digital Signage

Digital Signage is most commonly used today as Digital Menu Boards or to display messages most common to fast food restaurants and shopping malls. Digital displays come in many sizes and can be mounted in a portrait or landscape position.  A Multi-Screen Video Wall or a Direct View LED Wall is also a great way to share messages or advertising with the public on a grand scale.  Multi-Screen Video Walls are available in various sizes and configurations.  The most common video wall configurations are 3X3, 4X3, 1X3, 4X2 or as simple as a single stand alone display.  Video walls can also be curved or interactive by touch.  Digital Kiosks, Table Top Tablets and Interactive Digital Displays are also a great way to get the attention of your customers and clients.  The SOUND F/X team can create the custom digital content or media needed to make your digital display and advertising a great success.   Our team of professionals will design, build and maintain your digital advertising.  SOUND F/X will also service and support any digital display even if it was originally installed by our competitors.  SOUND F/X has installed many digital signage systems throughout the greater Orlando area.  Visit our projects page to learn more.