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Distributed Audio

Distributed Audio is typically common to a Background Music System in a commercial environment where multiple speakers are needed to obtain a balanced sound pressure level (SPL) throughout a large area of coverage.  This is most common in restaurants, retail stores, resorts and large shopping malls. Distributed Audio systems are capable of delivering music over a large distance of smaller guage speaker cable with limited or no loss in the sound quality.  Multiple zones and licensed music sources are also common to these commercial environments. There are many speaker options available for these Distributed Audio systems such as indoor/outdoor flush mounted in-ceiling speakers, surface mounted book shelf speakers and in-ground speakers that blend into the landscape.  All speakers types are available in different sizes, colors, and price ranges.  Fire rated speakers are also available to meet state and local safety codes.  It is manditory to play licesnsed media content in public spaces such as retail stores, clubhouses, resorts, community pools and any common or public space.  Violators of the ASCAP/BMI regulations may be subject to severe and costly fines.   SOUND F/X has installed many music systems throughout the greater Orlando area.  Visit our projects page to learn more.