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Wi-Fi Networks

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In a world with laptops, mobile devices and tablets, we rely heavily on Wireless Networks.  The comsumer knows this best as Wi-Fi.  Consumer grade Wi-Fi networks are made up of a wireless router or a modem typically supplied by the ISP. This scenario works well in a small house or structure but larger homes or structures will require broader coverage to establish a reliable wireless network.  This is done by implementing an array of Wireless Access Points also known to the industry as WAPS.   The use of multiple enterprise level wireless access points can be very complex and must be strategically placed and properly configured in order to acquire the best coverage pattern. Security will also play a large role in wireless networks and must be set up correctly to avoid unwanted traffic or intruders.   Let SOUND F/X design and install your Wi-Fi Network.  We have been serving the greater Orlando area since 2005.





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